ACC International Urban Conference Programme published

Preparations for the African Centre for Cities International Urban Conference are entering the final stages and we are excited to release the draft programme. With 71 panels and 16 roundtables the three-day programme is packed with fantastic contributions from around the globe. (more…)


In the press: More needed to achieve transformation

Edgar Pieterse

This article by Athina May, related to the work of the Integration Syndicate for Southern Suburbs Tatler, first appeared on 26 October 2017. The spatial layout of Cape Town has not changed much since 1994 and the exclusivity of the City Bowl has received much attention in the media when the Bromwell residents in Woodstock were […]


ACC NOTRUC Seminar Series: Thinking Emancipatory Change through In-depth Urban Case Studies

Henrik Ernstson, Suraya Scheba

Cities are highly unequal places where histories of oppression is etched into the very machinery that makes them tick. This includes policies and regulations around who can trade and where, the use of police or anti-eviction forces as an integral part of urban planning, and how large-scale infrastructure projects can re-shape wider ecological dynamics to […]


In the press: Unpacking the spatial paradox

Edgar Pieterse

This article by Kate-Lyn Moore, related to the work of the Integration Syndicate for UCT News, first appeared on 27 September 2017. Is a truly integrated and spatially just Cape Town possible? It is this question that the Integration Syndicate (IS) hopes to answer. The collective brings together research centres at three Western Cape universities, including UCT’s […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode4_Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 4

Edgar Pieterse

Building Blocks of Integration The fourth instalment of the Integration Syndicate was themed “Building blocks of Integration” and aimed at identifying the critical elements of a successful integration approach at the local level. The starting proposition was that city-­‐wide integration is inconceivable without a means to effect integrative processes at the neighbourhood level, especially in […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode 3_Photo1-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 3

Edgar Pieterse, Caroline Skinner

ECONOMIC DRIVERS OF INTEGRATION AND INCLUSION PART 1: INTRODUCTION Edgar Pieterse (African Centre for Cities) introduced the Episode, situating it within the context of the Syndicate and the city. Episode 3 is fundamentally concerned with questions of economic transformation and jobs. Addressing the spatial economy of Cape Town and the critical challenges related to the […]


Urban Studies Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

SCOPE The postdoctoral fellowship is focussed on Urban Studies-Southern Urbanism. The candidate will have expertise in: qualitative social research, with a firm grounding in social theory and interest in the Global South. (more…)

2017 Open Book Festival

In the press: Authors to speak on cities, land, at next month’s Open Book Festival

This article by Open Book Festival director Mervyn Sloman originally appeared in the Cape Times, Tuesday, August 15, 2017. The secrets to writing and imagining cities into fiction will be shared by award-winning international authors at the Open Book Festival next month. Hosted by the Book Lounge and the Fugard Theatre, with events also taking […]

2017 Open Book Festival

Urban Conversations at 2017 Open Book Festival

African Centre for Cities (ACC) teams up with The Book Lounge to present four city-focussed events at the forthcoming 2017 Open Book Festival, which takes place from 6 to 10 September, Cape Town. (more…)

Legacy of pain: Georgina Williams and her 22-year-old daughter Jade. Williams’s 11-year-old son Michael was one of three young people shot dead by police in the Trojan Horse incident in 1985. Picture: PIPPA GREEN

Integration Syndicate Episode 2: Building a new city for future generations

As much as Athlone was a crossover space enabling art, music and other creativity in the 60s and 70s, the 1980s brought a new narrative to bear: one of increasing protests against the apartheid state, and the concomitant violence with which they were met. One of the worst incidents was on October 15, 1985. Known […]

Masters in Southern Urbanism_2

ACC launches new Masters in Southern Urbanism

Edgar Pieterse

Seeking to address the knowledge vacuum generated by the multitude of environmental, economic and social crises manifesting in cities in the Global South due to rapid urbanisation, the African Centre for Cities (ACC), rooted at the University of Cape Town, launches a new Masters in Southern Urbanism (an MPhil specialising in Urban Studies). (more…)

Integration Syndicate_Episode2_Photo2-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 2

Edgar Pieterse

‘Storytelling is the most prevalent technology of the human mind’ – Ben Okri Episode Two of the Integration Syndicate explored the role of history – and different forms of storytelling – in producing particular kinds of narratives about Cape Town. The sessions started with just that – a series of personal life stories of participants […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode 1 Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 1

Edgar Pieterse

The challenges of spatial segregation, inequality and exclusion remain a stubborn and enduring feature of South African cities. Despite the formal end of apartheid spatial engineering, spatial inequality continues within the constraints of private property, the existing real estate market, and public policy (even if arguably well-intentioned). This persistent urban form has given rise to […]

Women's Economic Empowerment Report

UN High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment report released

Caroline Skinner

The final report of the United Nations High-Level Panel (UN HLP) on Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) was launched online on 14 March 2017, marking the conclusion of the one-year UN HLP process. The second of two reports delves deeper into the seven drivers of women’s economic empowerment that were identified in the first report, namely: Tackling […]


ACC Senior Researcher honoured with the 2017 Premio Daniel Carasso

African Centre for Cities Senior Researcher, Dr Jane Battersby was honoured as the 2017 laureate of the Premio Daniel Carasso at a ceremony in Valencia, Spain on 18 May. The international prize, first presented in 2012 by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is awarded every two years in recognition of outstanding scientific research into […]