Cityscapes #8: Urban - South - Asia

Cityscapes #8: Urban – South – Asia

The latest edition of Cityscapes is out. The issue, edited by Tau Tavengwa and Arpita Das, and produced in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Human Settlements’ WordLab, turns its editorial lens on cities in South Asia.

Cityscapes #7: Futurity

Tau Tavengwa, Edgar Pieterse, Sean O' Toole

The seventh and latest edition of Cityscapes is framed around the rubric of “futurity”. What will tomorrow be like? It will be more urbanised. It will also, agree various contributors, bear the imprimatur of China. “Whatever the case, China has, for now, become a far more prominent actor than others in the future-making of Africa,” […]

Cityscapes #6: Cape Town: A City Desired

Tau Tavengwa

One city, eleven people, ten ideas. This, in a nutshell, is what this issue is about. In a departure from past issues of this magazine, we pause to look at one city in detail. The city: Cape Town, home to nearly 4 million inhabitants

Cityscapes #5: Design will not save the city

Tau Tavengwa

Where past issues of Cityscapes have looked east, particularly to the Indian subcontinent, issue five shifts the focus decisively west. Inaugurating our collaboration with USP Cidades, a research centre at the University of São Paulo, architectural critic Fernando Serapião recapitulates the history of social housing design in Brazil. “Heirs of an architectural school with deep […]

Cityscapes #4: After informality

Tau Tavengwa

In the fourth issue: a grouped series of reports, essays and interviews tracing a zigzag path connecting Tel Aviv to Naples to Berlin to Guangzhou, all cities where African migrants are a feature of the urban matrix.

Cityscapes #3: Smart city?

Issue 3 of Cityscapes Magazine launched in March 2013. Featuring interviews with Lagos governor Babatunde Fashola and novelist Imraan Coovadia, the bumper 140-page third issues has as its thematic focus the “smart city”. This fuzzily defined term speaks to the increasing use of networked information and communications technologies in ordering of large-scale urban phenomenon. The […]

Cityscapes #2: Inside “the world class city”

In case you missed the first issue, a brief introduction, courtesy of the magazine’s consulting editor, Edgar Pieterse: “Cityscapes is a continuous adventure in trying to decipher the emergent cities of the global south. The magazine understands that with a constant overflow of dynamics and meaning, it is best to operate in the zone of […]

Cityscapes #1: A high wire act

The inaugural issue of Cityscapes, launched in September 2011 featured reporting on our home city, Cape Town’s creative city aspirations have shaped aspects of how the city has been developing. Janine Stephens wrestles with the question “What does a creative city in an unequal society like South Africa look like? Renowned philosopher and academic Professor […]

African Cities Reader II: Mobilities and Fixtures

Edgar Pieterse

The African Cities Reader II: Mobilities and Fixtures is the second installment of this biennial publication that brings together contributors from across Africa and the world to challenge the prevailing depiction of urban life on the continent and redefine cityness, Africa-style.

African Cities Reader

Discourses on urban development tend to dehumanise ordinary Africans by stripping them of the ingenuity it takes to simply survive and reproduce a sense of identity, community, belonging and aspiration that coincides with the conditions of poverty and exploitation.