New website of African infrastructure case studies launched is a new website which resulted from African Urban Futures, a research collaboration African between the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town and the Urban Futures Studio at Utrecht University. The website features sustainable infrastructure case studies from Africa as an entry point for imagining more sustainable, equitable cities.

While there are many high-level definitions and complex rating systems that can be used to identify sustainable infrastructure, a simpler and more practical approach is needed to encompass informal and emerging approaches. With this in mind, the team uses the following three questions to guide case studies selection:

  • SOCIAL: Does it benefit the poor?
  • ECONOMIC: Does it create decent jobs for locals?
  • ECOLOGICAL: Does it minimise or reverse negative environmental impact?

Currently the website features 20 case studies from across 14 countries but the hope is that this will grow as people are invited to share more infrastructure initiatives on the website.

If you would like to share an innovative implemented project that can be learnt from, you can submit a case study here.