Anna Selmeczi is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Convener: MPhil in Southern Urbanism, at the African Centre for Cities. Her urban studies research is grounded in social and political theory, and focuses on the connections between orders of urban space and knowledge production, and how various forms of popular politics contest and change these orders. Extending these themes through the lens of her teaching practice over the last few years, she’s also been thinking about the transformative and even emancipatory possibilities of pedagogical and research methods that emerge through creative experimentation.

Selmeczi received her PhD in Political Science at the Central European University in 2012. She is a senior lecturer and the convener of the ACC”s Southern Urbanism masters programme and the pedagogical lead of the Urbanisms from the South track of the University of Basel’s Critical Urbanisms MA. Currently, she is in the final stages of a book project with Professor Sophie Oldfield (Cornell & UCT), co-edited with the late Clive Barnett (University of Exeter, UK) and titled _Knowing the City: Urban Scholarship from Apartheid to Democracy_. The book traces the dynamics of urban theory building in South Africa over the past four decades, and aims to give insight to the intergenerational tensions and transformations of the scholarly imperatives, as well as ethical, social, and/or political commitments of urban scholarship.



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Book chapters: 

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Journal articles: 

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Other output: 

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