Sylvia Croese

Sylvia Croese is a research fellow at the African Centre for Cities, as well as at the Department of Sociology at the University of Cape Town. Her doctoral work explored the politics of post-war state-led housing development in post-war urban Angola. As a post-doctoral research fellow she has continued to conduct research in Luanda and on urban governance and development in Africa more broadly as part of various comparative research projects.  She has taught and presented her work in a number under and post-graduate courses, numerous research seminars and conferences and has published several peer-reviewed articles, papers and book chapters. She is also a contributor to

Selected publications:

  • Croese, Sylvia (2016). ‘State-led housing delivery as an instrument of developmental patrimonialism: The case of post-war Angola’. African Affairs 116 (462), pp. 80-100.
  • Croese, Sylvia (2016). Urban Governance and Turning African Cites Around: Luanda Case Study. Partnership for African Social and Governance Research Working Paper No. 018, Nairobi, Kenya. Available at African-Cities-Around_Luanda-Case-Study_.pdf
  • Croese, Sylvia and Pitcher, Anne (in press). ‘Turbo-Suburbanism in a Post-conflict African City – Luanda, Angola’. In Infinite Suburbia . Edited by Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin. Boston: MIT Press.
  • Croese, Sylvia, Cirolia, Liza Rose, Graham, Nick (2016). ‘Towards Habitat III: confronting the disjuncture between global policy and local practice on Africa’s ‘challenge of slums’’. Habitat International  53, pp. 237-242.
  • Croese, Sylvia (2015). ‘Ghosts evicted from empty city’. Cityscapes  7: Futurity – out now! Edited by Sean O’Toole and Tau Tavengwa. Available at
  • Croese, Sylvia (2015). ‘ Inside the government, but outside the law: residents’ committees, public authority and twilight governance in post-war Angola’. Journal of Southern African Studies  41 (2), pp. 405-417.
  • Croese, Sylvia (2012). ‘1 million houses? Angola’s national reconstruction and Chinese engagement’. In Marcus Power and Ana Cristina Alves, eds. China and Angola. A marriage of convenience?  Oxford: Pambazuka Press, pp. 124-144.