Amy Weimann

Amy Weimann

Junior Research Fellow



Amy Weimann is the Research Officer for the Urban Governance Research Lab as part of the African Mayoral Leadership Initiative. Amy is an urban health researcher with a PhD in Public Health from the School of Public Health & Family Medicine at the University of Cape Town and has a background in urban geography. Her research expertise includes cross-sector data integration for creating new urban health knowledge and exploring opportunities to incorporate health considerations into food environment and human settlements policies at the African regional and South African national levels, respectively.

Amy has previously worked as a Junior Research Fellow on the PEAK Urban project, as well as in local government collating, integrating and analysing various sets of city-level data, including the South African Census data, crime data, and developing local monitoring indices comprising demographic, socio-economic and health information.


Journal Articles

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Policy Publications

  • Oni, T., Mogo, E., Ahmed, A., Ebikeme, C., Thomas, Y., Weimann, A. & Davies, J. 2019. Bolder action for health in Africa: from building health systems to building systems for health for NCD prevention [policy brief]. Available:
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