African Mayoral Leadership Programme (AMALI)

Africa is experiencing unprecedented urbanisation and growth of its youthful populations. This brings with it serious challenges, but also the potential for transformative change. With bold visions and the right support, African city leaders can set their cities on a trajectory to thrive for generations. They can leave a legacy of vibrant cities that become hubs for economic development, great places to live, and offer new models for sustainable and inclusive growth.

The African Mayoral Leadership Initiative (AMALI) seeks to catalyse the transformation of cities in Africa by providing tailored support to city leaders through two key platforms:

The AMALI City Leadership Programme offers a year-long programme that supports mayors in honing the visions for their cities. The participating mayors gain clarity on the teams and tools required to successfully implement their plans and secure support from their constituents and key stakeholders.

The AMALI Urban Governance Research Lab provides mayors and other policymakers with the research support and data analytics they need to transform African cities.

AMALI is a partnership between African Centre for Cities and Big Win Philanthropy.