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Integration & Ideas Festival

The Integration Syndicate is a three-phase project that started off with a series of nine “episodes” over the course of 2017, which explored the obstacles and solutions to social-spatial integration in the Cape Town metropolitan region. From these episodes, in which a closed group of academics, activists, public and private sector actors participated, five provocations […]

My Just City is Black and White: Race, Space and Design

The Nelson Mandela Foundation along with African Centre for Cities and the US Embassy in South Africa are hosting a Nelson Mandela 100 Lecture to be delivered by Prof Toni L. Griffin entitled My Just City is Black and White: Race, Space and Design.

In the press: More needed to achieve transformation

Edgar Pieterse

This article by Athina May, related to the work of the Integration Syndicate for Southern Suburbs Tatler, first appeared on 26 October 2017. The spatial layout of Cape Town has not changed much since 1994 and the exclusivity of the City Bowl has received much attention in the media when the Bromwell residents in Woodstock were […]

In the press: Unpacking the spatial paradox

Edgar Pieterse

This article by Kate-Lyn Moore, related to the work of the Integration Syndicate for UCT News, first appeared on 27 September 2017. Is a truly integrated and spatially just Cape Town possible? It is this question that the Integration Syndicate (IS) hopes to answer. The collective brings together research centres at three Western Cape universities, including UCT’s […]

Open Book Festival_ Integration Complexities

Integration Complexities at Open Book Festival

Adi Kumar, Premesh Lalu and Edgar Pieterse report back on the Integration Syndicate – an aimed at finding solutions to challenges facing Cape Town. Chaired by Pippa Green. Date: 6 September Venue: Fugard Studio Time: 10:00 – 11:00 Price: R45 Full festival programme. Book tickets. NOTE: A limited number of free tickets for students are […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode 3_Photo1-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 3

Edgar Pieterse, Caroline Skinner

ECONOMIC DRIVERS OF INTEGRATION AND INCLUSION PART 1: INTRODUCTION Edgar Pieterse (African Centre for Cities) introduced the Episode, situating it within the context of the Syndicate and the city. Episode 3 is fundamentally concerned with questions of economic transformation and jobs. Addressing the spatial economy of Cape Town and the critical challenges related to the […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode2_Photo2-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 2

Edgar Pieterse

‘Storytelling is the most prevalent technology of the human mind’ – Ben Okri Episode Two of the Integration Syndicate explored the role of history – and different forms of storytelling – in producing particular kinds of narratives about Cape Town. The sessions started with just that – a series of personal life stories of participants […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode 1 Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 1

Edgar Pieterse

The challenges of spatial segregation, inequality and exclusion remain a stubborn and enduring feature of South African cities. Despite the formal end of apartheid spatial engineering, spatial inequality continues within the constraints of private property, the existing real estate market, and public policy (even if arguably well-intentioned). This persistent urban form has given rise to […]