Special Issue: African Urban Sexualities after Queer Visibilities

ACC Deputy Director Andrew Tucker has edited a special issue of Urban Forum under the banner of African Urban Sexualities after Queer Visibilities. 

This issue brings together emergent thought on the topic of African urban sexualities, and specifically non-heteronormative sexualities. It therefore also implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, asks the question: What does it mean—and why is it important—to study or examine African urban sexualities (and especially non-heteronormative sexualities) today?

This open access issue features nine articles from authors Gustav Visser, Zuziwe Khuzwayo, John Marnell, Xavier Livermon, Mark Gevisser, Liza Rose Cirolia and Andrea Pollio, and the late Eddie Ombagi.


African Urban Sexualities After Queer VisibilitiesAndrew Tucker

Nairobi Queer Visibilities/Invisibilities and Forms of Queer AmbivalenceEddie Ombagi

Moving Beyond the Gay Metropolises: Lessons Learned from StellenboschGustav Visser

Navigating Urban Spaces as Queer Women in South AfricaZuziwe Khuzwayo

City Streets and Disco Beats: Recentring the Urban in Queer and Trans Migration StudiesJohn Marnell

Inxeba: Rethinking Dichotomies of Black Queer Visibilities – Xavier Livermon

The Hirschfeld Equation and the Queer Afro-ModernMark Gevisser

Queer Infrastructures: Objects of and Orientations towards Urban Research PracticeLiza Rose Cirolia and Andrea Pollio

Charting Directions for—and Challenges at Being Able to Undertake—Future Research on African Urban SexualitiesAndrew Tucker