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The Routledge Companion to Planning in the Global South

The Routledge Companion to Planning in the Global South offers an edited collection on planning in parts of the world which, more often than not, are unrecognised or unmarked in mainstream planning texts. In doing so, its intention is not to fill a ‘gap’ that leaves this ‘mainstream’ unquestioned but to re-theorise planning from a deep […]

Companion to Planning in the Global South

There has been a growing recognition that planning ideas emerging from the industrialised economies of the ‘Global North’ are not necessarily appropriate in regions of the world with very different social, political and economic contexts. The Companion to Planning in the Global South offers a collection of essays on planning in parts of the world which, […]

Urban Planning in the Global South

Palgrave Macmillan have recently published a new title by Richard de Satgé and ACC’s  Vanessa Watson Urban Planning in the Global South – Conflicting rationalities in contested urban space.  (more…)

Masters in Southern Urbanism_2

ACC launches new Masters in Southern Urbanism

Edgar Pieterse

Seeking to address the knowledge vacuum generated by the multitude of environmental, economic and social crises manifesting in cities in the Global South due to rapid urbanisation, the African Centre for Cities (ACC), rooted at the University of Cape Town, launches a new Masters in Southern Urbanism (an MPhil specialising in Urban Studies). (more…)

New Publication: Unlearning [un]located ideas in the provincialization of urban theory

Henrik Ernstson

A new publication from our Situated UPE Collective was just published in Regional Studies by Mary Lawhon, Jonathan Silver, Henrik Ernstson and Joseph Pierce. It continues our contribution to Urban Political Ecology and Urban Studies. Postcolonial scholars have argued for the provincialization of urban knowledge, but doing so remains an opaque process. This paper argues that explicit […]

Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies

Henrik Ernstson

This annual seminar series emerges out of an interest to put into conversation political philosophy and global south urbanism. Importantly, our objective is not that of supplementing a theoretical abstraction (e.g. ‘the political’) with some kind of concrete spatiality.

Scalar politics and local sustainability: rethinking governance and justice in an era of political and environmental change

Zarina Patel

Lawhon, M and Patel, Z. 2013. Scalar politics and local sustainability: rethinking governance and justice in an era of political and environmental change. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 31(6) pp. 1048-1062. Abstract The local was institutionalised as a key scale for environmental action at the Earth Summit, and remains salient in discourse, policy, and action. However, given both […]

Xiangming Chen on urbanisation in China & South Africa

Xiangming Chen speaks to’s Brendon Bosworth about urbanisation in China & South Africa at the recent Starting from the South: perspectives on urbanisation in China and South Africa” workshop

Why Cities Matter

In the Kapuchinski development lecture delivered at UCT on November 5, Aromar Revi of Indian Institute of Human Settlements made a compelling case for why the urban agenda needs to be at the heart of the millennium goals.

Critical gaming practices: Alex Apsan Frediani in conversation with Liza Cirolia

Alexandre Apsan Frediani is co-director of the masters programme in Social Development Practice at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London (UCL). He has worked extensively in various parts of the world exploring the potential of urban games to address injustices in the city — especially when applied in contexts of informal settlement upgrading. […]

Cityscapes #4: After informality

Tau Tavengwa

In the fourth issue: a grouped series of reports, essays and interviews tracing a zigzag path connecting Tel Aviv to Naples to Berlin to Guangzhou, all cities where African migrants are a feature of the urban matrix.

Knowledge imperatives of Southern urbanisms

Edgar Pieterse

Lecture by Prof. Edgar Pieterse, University of Cape Town at the International workshop on ‘Changing socio-spatial configurations of inclusion and exclusion: planning and counter-planning in the African city’, 7-8 March 2012 Uppsala, Sweden

Cityscapes #3: Smart city?

Issue 3 of Cityscapes Magazine launched in March 2013. Featuring interviews with Lagos governor Babatunde Fashola and novelist Imraan Coovadia, the bumper 140-page third issues has as its thematic focus the “smart city”. This fuzzily defined term speaks to the increasing use of networked information and communications technologies in ordering of large-scale urban phenomenon. The […]

Cityscapes #2: Inside “the world class city”

In case you missed the first issue, a brief introduction, courtesy of the magazine’s consulting editor, Edgar Pieterse: “Cityscapes is a continuous adventure in trying to decipher the emergent cities of the global south. The magazine understands that with a constant overflow of dynamics and meaning, it is best to operate in the zone of […]

Cityscapes #1: A high wire act

The inaugural issue of Cityscapes, launched in September 2011 featured reporting on our home city, Cape Town’s creative city aspirations have shaped aspects of how the city has been developing. Janine Stephens wrestles with the question “What does a creative city in an unequal society like South Africa look like? Renowned philosopher and academic Professor […]