Queer Infrastructures: Objects of and Orientations towards Urban Research Practice

ACC Senior Researcher Liza Rose Cirolia along with Andrea Pollio contributed Queer Infrastructures: Object of and Orientations towards Urban Research Practice to the Urban Forum Special Issue African Urban Sexualities after Queer Visibilities.

Drawing on Ahmed’s seminal work on queer phenomenology, this intervention proposes the concept of “queer infrastructure”. Queer infrastructure, as we deploy it, reflects both an object of and orientation towards urban research practice. As an object, we discuss the function, use, and practice of (our) queer networks, specifically for research assumed to be unrelated to studies of sexuality and located in the urban African context. Here we centre questions of becoming, affect, and relationality. As an orientation, we discuss what can be “seen” both when entering the field through queer networks and by seeing urban spaces through queerness. In doing so, we suggest that sexuality is always present in urban research, even when not explicitly so.