Urban Humanities Hub

The African Centre for Cities is in the process of strengthening its humanities focus. The purpose of this endeavour is to draw together an intellectual community dealing with urban humanities across the global South.  In alignment with ACC’s overall project to explore other ways of producing and disseminating its research, The Humanities Hub is intended to provide a space for experimenting with different registers to connect with different participants and audiences.

Aims and objectives
ACC has been experimenting with various ways of disseminating knowledge about cities in the global South. On this front, partnerships within the ACC have led to publications such as Cityscapes, and the African Cities Reader through a collaboration with Chimurenga.

The 2014 City Desired exhibition explored further ways of weaving everyday urban narratives with meta data from Cape Town to convey an understanding of the city to a diverse audience. Part of this project involved a series of gaming experiments at the intersection of art, games and serious urban issues, called Serious Fun.

2015 saw the experiment extending with Public Art and the Power of Place.