Urban Planet, a new open-access edited volume on sustainable urban development, is launched. The book is a collaborative project within Future Earth and emphasises the need for a new knowledge generation agenda, given the urgency of understanding the sustainability challenges and options for a rapidly urbanising planet.

The urban future is a critical determinant of the viability and vitality of the human endeavour towards a global sustainable future. This centrality of cities to the sustainability of people, planet, and prosperity points to the need for continuous investments in an expanded and flexible urban science and practical knowledge generation that is forged out of innovative interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral understandings of the complex systems that both drive and derive from the prevalence of urban ways of being. Greater understanding of urbanisation processes and the multi-scale interactions and feedbacks with the earth system is required for addressing the complex issues related to urbanization and sustainability, and for aiding in the solutions.

The book aims, therefore, not only to provide a synthesis of existing knowledge across the different disciplines, but also to showcase new ways of producing and integrating knowledge, extending the frontier of urban research, and providing new directions in research and practice that will help us achieve the cities we want now and in the future.

ACC’s Susan Parnell is co-editor of the volume believes the book will be a great resource for ecologists and urbanists, practitioners and policy-maker alike.

The book, which features contributions from more than 100 scientists, architects, journalists, artists, designers and activists, is structured in four parts:

Part 1 – Dynamic Urban Planet

Part 2 – Global Urban Sustainable Development

Part 3 – Urban Transitions to Sustainability

Part 4 – Provocations from Practice

The book is unique, an unusually wide range of academic disciplines contribute with taking a serious approach to building interdisciplinary knowledge around a much-needed systems approach to further deepen our understanding of the complex global urbanization process. These perspectives are further enriched by the contribution from more than 30 architects journalists, artists, designers, activists and youth, giving a diversity of often neglected voices and perspectives on the challenges and solutions facing the Urban Planet.

Download the ebook free of charge here.