Spatial Transformation

My Just City is Black and White: Race, Space and Design

The Nelson Mandela Foundation along with African Centre for Cities and the US Embassy in South Africa are hosting a Nelson Mandela 100 Lecture to be delivered by Prof Toni L. Griffin entitled My Just City is Black and White: Race, Space and Design.

Science and Cocktails: Can We Move Beyond the Divided City?

Is urban segregation simply a fact of contemporary life? Are the shopping mall and gated community to blame for new forms of urban division? What role does the real estate market play in reproducing urban patterns? Is middle-class suburbia deracializing or not? Does public investment in housing and social amenities worsen or improve urban divides? […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode4_Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 4

Edgar Pieterse

Building Blocks of Integration The fourth instalment of the Integration Syndicate was themed “Building blocks of Integration” and aimed at identifying the critical elements of a successful integration approach at the local level. The starting proposition was that city-­‐wide integration is inconceivable without a means to effect integrative processes at the neighbourhood level, especially in […]

Invitation to the next Spatial Transformation CityLab Seminar

The ACC is excited to host Dr. Margot Rubin and Alexandra Appelbaum from the University of the Witwatersrand for the next instalment in the Spatial Transformation seminar series. They will share with us findings from their research into Johannesburg’s Corridors of Freedom Programme. “Neighbourhoods, NIMBYists and nobodies: the local politics of the Corridors of Freedom” […]