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LAUNCH: The Integration Syndicate: Shifting Cape Town’s Socio-Spatial Debate

Edgar Pieterse

“It is a public secret that we have no practical idea how to undo and remake the legacy of the spatial inequality apartheid has bequeathed us,” says Professor Edgar Pieterse, director of the African Centre for Cities and NRF South African Research Chair in Urban Policy. “Our visions, and much more our concrete plans, are constrained by private […]


BOXES is a social-justice theatre project devised by award-winning theatre makers Neil Coppen and Ameera Conrad, Journalist Daneel Knoetze and performers Quanita Adams and Mark Elderkin. The project draws from a range of research-based, verbatim and documentary theatre methodologies to explore a myriad of perspectives and insights into urban land justice issues occurring across city […]

Realising the Just City

The African Centre for Cities in collaboration with Mistra Urban Futures is hosting a workshop on Realising the Just City. The signing of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 demonstrated that there is an increasing global pledge to foster just cities that are ‘inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable’. Although there is a shared commitment to socio-spatial justice, how this can […]