As a part of the dissemination of the Reforming Urban Law in Africa: a practical guide, which was recently awarded the Dubai International Award for Best Practices(DIABP) in the category University Research Award on Legislation, Rules, Regulations & Governance Systems, is a newly launched video series.

Featuring co-author of the guide Stephen Berrisford, the 13-part series cover each section of the guide and Berrisford discusses major issues tackled in the guide. He explains the approach to each chapter, as well as highlights the key points in each chapter. The idea is that the simultaneous use of the guide together with the videos will make the guide more effective in building capacity among practitioners to approach urban legal reform with greater confidence. In a tertiary education context the videos can be used to supplement and augment lectures and tutorials.

The series is a available in full on a dedicated YouTube channel and will be available on the ACC YouTube channel also.