City officials exchange showing results

Programme Type: Urban Research Programme: 2, 2, 2, 2, <, M, T, p, c, c, , m, , , 2, 2, , 0, h, 1, p, , 0, 2

City of Cape Town officials work with University of Cape Town counterparts to generate and write up new insights into public policy making, planning and service provision.

A stimulating and engaging workshop took place on the 24th November where seven city officials presented their research on specific issues facing the City of Cape Town, which they had produced and written up in collaboration with academics from the University of Cape Town. This was the final workshop of the second round of the Officials Exchange under the Mistra Urban Futures Knowledge Transfer Programme. The officials, from a range of sectors and departments in the City, had up to 8 weeks away from their regular day jobs to spend time at the University reconnecting with the academic literature in their field, analyzing data and information from their work in the City, and writing up a journal article together with their academic co-authors.