17-20 November 2014 | Since 2008 the Social Justice Coalition has hosted the annual Irene Grootboom Memorial Dialogues. Irene Grootboom was a social activist who played an instrumental role in the struggle for housing for the poor. These Dialogues bring together community members, activists, academics and practitioners from a number of fields to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the city. For the third year running, the Dialogues will be jointly hosted by the Social Justice Coalition and the Africa Centre for Cities (based at the University of Cape Town). This year, the event will coincide with ACC’s City Desired Exhibition – a multiplatform exhibition on cities as seen through the lens of Cape Town. The 2014 Dialogues will deal with the issue of urban land justice – the history of urban land and dispossession, the impact of spatial Apartheid on the majority of the city’s residents, and whether there are ways that all people can have equal right to the city. See the detailed programme here or download programme in pdf: Grootboom2014