Urban Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa – Harnessing Land Values, Housing and Transport 

Symposium on research findings – Cape Town, 20 & 21 July 2015

Powerpoint slide presentations from the ACC’s end-of-project symposium on urban infrastructure finance.

The research was supported by the UK Department for International Development (DfID), July 2014 – July 2015.

          Symposium introduction & overview

  1. African urban development context (Edgar Pieterse)
  2. Land-based financing: conceptual framework (Ian Palmer)
  3. Key success factors: implementing land-based financing (Stephen Berrisford & Ian Palmer)
  4. The ‘Africa Land and Infrastructure City Scan’: a profile of 31 cities in sub-Saharan Africa (Brandon Finn, Sean Walsh & Ian Palmer)
  5. Comparative assessment of land-based financing in sub-Saharan Africa, India, Brazil and Colombia (Stephen Berrisford)
  6. Functional institutions; functional cities (Nick Graham & Ian Palmer)
  7. Reaching a balance in financing urban infrastructure (Brendon van Niekerk & Ian Palmer)
  8. The limits of planning (Stephen Berrisford & Liza Cirolia)
  9. Addis Ababa: a case study on land leasing (Tsigereda Tafisse, Brendon van Niekerk, Abebe Zuluel & Ian Palmer)
  10. Nairobi case study (Ian Palmer, Peter Ngau & Liza Cirolia)
  11. Property development and land based financing in Harare, Zimbabwe (Stephen Berrisford, Innocent Chirisa & Brandon Finn)
  12. Land-based financing in West and Central Africa (Akin Olawore, Bernard Tayoh & Ian Palmer)
  13. The housing challenge in sub-Saharan Africa: approaches, challenges and opportunities (Sylvia Croese)
  14. Literature review on public transport (Roger Behrens & Herrie Schalekamp)
  15. Mega-urban development projects in sub-Saharan Africa: what do cities gain or lose? (Francois Viruly & Rob McGaffin)
  16. Financing infrastructure for the urban poor (Matt Glasser)