NEW ARTICLE: Effecting cultural change from below? A comparison of Cape Town and Bandung’s pathways to urban cultural governance

Laura Nkula-Wenz and Zayd Minty examine how different cultural policy approaches have been locally mobilized and reworked in Bandung and Cape Town in response to situated realities and in partnerships between cultural, academic, business and local government actors, in this article for Cultural Trends. ABSTRACT This article compares the cultural governance pathways of two UNESCO […]

REVIEW: Building a Capable State

Written by long-standing research practitioners Ian Palmer and Nishendra Moodley, as well as one of South Africa’s leading academic urbanists, Professor Sue Parnell, Building a Capable State tackles the hard question of whether the post-apartheid state is up to delivering rights-based, sustainable development, and more specifically the task of providing local services like water, electricity, […]

Democratising Local Government cover

Democratising Local Government: The South African Experiment

Susan Parnell, Edgar Pieterse

First published in 2002 Democratising Local Government: The South African Experiment edited by Susan Parnell, Edgar Pieterse, Mark Swilling and Dominique Wooldridge is now available through open access. Local government is at the forefront of development. In South Africa the ambitious policy objectives of post-apartheid reconstruction and development hinge on the successful creation of a democratic […]

Understanding Livelihoods in South African Cities

Edgar Pieterse, Tau Tavengwa

What decisions are residents in the poorer parts of South African cities forced to make on a day to day basis? How does a city like Ekhuruleni try to address this and what do the citizens think about these efforts? This short film juxtaposes these two voices. It was part of a series we developed […]

A Comparison of Three SA Municipalities

Anna Taylor, Anton Cartwright

Cape Town and Durban are both large metropolitan municipalities where climate change adaptation is being championed from within the environment departments. However, embedding these plans into municipal budgets and operations to progress implementation is proving difficult.

City governance in new authoritarian states

The Case for Luanda Many states in Africa have been formally democratic since the 1990s and in terms of their institutional landscape, look like electoral democracies, with constitutions, elections, parliaments, courts, local governments, private media and civic associations. Yet, in practice these institutions may not operate under the kind of political freedom and legal security […]

State of city finances 2013

Anton Cartwright

This publication is a continuation of this body of work. It performs an analysis of the annual financial statements of the SACN members cities. Importantly, however, it goes further, probing a number of key thematic areas that have important implications for city finances.

Participation and Governance in African Cities

Susan Parnell

Professor Sue Parnell speaks to Robtel Neajai Pailey on understanding participation, complexity and governance in African cities. This video is part of the Governance in Africa Conversations Series. Professor Parnell is a founding member of the African Centre for Cities, has served the ACC on secondment, and sits on its Executive Committee.