Urban Stories: Documenting Everyday Life in Tanzania

Anton Cartwright

URBAN STORIES (English) – Documenting everyday life in Tanzania – Water and Sanitation from Eric Schaechter on Vimeo. To ignore informal service provision in Tanzanian cities is to miss an opportunity. Informal water and sanitation providers, featured in this film by an ARDHI University research team, have devised innovative ways to overcome service delivery backlogs. […]

Visualising the Future of Our Neighbourhoods

This film documents the “South African City Futures: Visualising the Futures of our Neighbourhoods” project undertaken in 2014. Part research and part radical co-creation, the project combined the use of futures thinking, multi-stakeholder dialogue, and multiple forms of visualisation to reflect upon the future of urban neighbourhoods to 2030

The City is the People

This 60 second film was shortlisted and was the Judges’ Choice for the 2013 Cinecity Architectural Film Project with the theme ‘Material’. It explores the relationship between people and the making of everyday space in Lagos.  

Future Cities Laboratory

A brief video from visiting scholar Lindsay Sawyer and her research on urban Lagos for the Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.  

In Context

Tau Tavengwa, Edgar Pieterse

Africa is not a country!!! This 10 minute remix film acts as a teaser of some concepts and ideas for an upcoming film and exhibition project ACC/Cityscapes will undertake between 2017-19. In Context will explore the true nature and complexity of life in cities across the continent of Africa.

Understanding Livelihoods in South African Cities

Edgar Pieterse, Tau Tavengwa

What decisions are residents in the poorer parts of South African cities forced to make on a day to day basis? How does a city like Ekhuruleni try to address this and what do the citizens think about these efforts? This short film juxtaposes these two voices. It was part of a series we developed […]

Living Informally in South Africa

Tau Tavengwa, Edgar Pieterse

This short film was produced by Cityscapes | ACC as part of a project on Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council to understand the state of various aspects of that city – one of the largest metro areas in South Africa. This is 1 of 4 short films in this series, produced in collaboration with filmmaker Kgomotso Matsunyane

What is a smart African city like?

Anton Cartwright

“Prosperous low-carbon African cities are not just a good idea but a humanitarian prerogative, and in terms of climate change it’s globally significant and necessary if we’re all going to survive,” says ACC’s Anton Cartwright.

Stepping Stone Part 2 – Ceasefire

Mercy Brown-Luthango

In 2014, the Urban Violence CityLab collaborated with the Tafelsig People’s Association (TPA), First Community Research Centre (FCRC), UCT TV Studio and the UCT Centre for Film and Media Studies on an initiative that equipped four young people with basic film-making and media skills.

Stepping Stone Part 1 – Tafelsig

Mercy Brown-Luthango

In 2014, the Urban Violence CityLab collaborated with the Tafelsig People’s Association (TPA), First Community Research Centre (FCRC), UCT TV Studio and the UCT Centre for Film and Media Studies on an initiative that equipped four young people with basic film-making and media skills.

South Africa 2035: Learning From The Future

Anton Cartwright

What might South Africa be like in 2035? At a side event during COP17 in Durban in Dec 2011, hosted by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), two sustainable economy experts, Anton Cartwright and the late Peet Du Plooy, were asked to imagine visiting the audience from 2035, to tell about what […]

Adapting to a changing climate in Southern Africa

Anna Taylor, Zarina Patel

This short film captures the key messages and debates emerging from the first Southern Africa Adaptation Colloquium, held in November 2013 and co-hosted by Mistra Urban Futures Cape Town platform’s Climate Change Think Tank, a partnership within the Knowledge Transfer Programme. Members of the partnership include The University of Cape Town’s African Climate and Development […]

Integrated Participatory Upgrading

Mercy Brown-Luthango

The ACC hosted the third meeting of the Urban Violence, Safety and Governance CityLab on June 26, 2014. The meeting focussed on the theme, ‘Integrated, Participatory Upgrading – Knowledge, Policy and Practice.’

Xiangming Chen on urbanisation in China & South Africa

Xiangming Chen speaks to’s Brendon Bosworth about urbanisation in China & South Africa at the recent Starting from the South: perspectives on urbanisation in China and South Africa” workshop

Christina Mtandana: The Entrepreneur

Tau Tavengwa, Edgar Pieterse

1 of 10 short films made by Simon Taylor as part of the City Desired exhibition project, this short films provides a glimpse into the life of Christina Mtandana, a resident of Cape Town’s Sweet Home informal settlement. See more about City Desired here

Why Cities Matter

In the Kapuchinski development lecture delivered at UCT on November 5, Aromar Revi of Indian Institute of Human Settlements made a compelling case for why the urban agenda needs to be at the heart of the millennium goals.

Susan Parnell discusses ‘Africa’s Urban Revolution’

Susan Parnell

An interview with Susan Parnell, Executive Member of the African Centre for Cities and Co-Editor of ‘Africa’s Urban Revolution’, published by Zed Books. Sue discusses informal settlements, the effects of global environmental change & the true economic potential of Africa’s cities.

On Southern African Climate Adaptation

This short video captures the key messages and debates emerging from the first Southern Africa Adaptation Colloquium, held in November 2013 and co-hosted by the African Centre for Cities’ Climate Change Think Tank

Who will plan Africa’s cities?

Vanessa Watson

On December 5th, Africa Research Institute launched the latest edition of its Policy Voice series “For town and country: A new approach to urban planning in Kenya”.  The event was opened by Vanessa Watson (University of Cape Town). The keynote address was given by the author of the publication: Peter Ngau (University of Nairobi)

ACC’s MPhil in Urban Infrastructure: Design & Management

Edgar Pieterse

A central issue for both South Africa and the broader African continent is the delivery of urban services and infrastructure to rapidly growing urban populations, enabling the urban residents to live and work in sustainable and integrated environments. The Master of Philosophy in Urban Infrastructure: Design and Management programme, presented for mid and late career […]

South Africa 2035

Anton Cartwright

A speculative animated film featuring Anton Cartwright and the late Peet Duplooy imagines what path South Africa needs to take to become a successful and sustainable country by 2035. The video was prepared as part of the University of Cambridge’s Programme for Sustainability Leadership’s COP17 activities.

Cities & Development

This lecture was delivered by Professor Manuel Castells during his visit to Cape Town in 2009.

Conflict and State Fragility

Cities have long been connected with processes of bureaucratisation and state-building, as indeed they have long been linked to conflict and war. In bringing these two associations together we engaged with the historical sociology of Charles Tilly and research in the CAFS programme confirmed that the intersection of cities, states and violent conflict remains significant, […]

Urban mobility: how will we move in the future city?

In this video, Susan Shaheen , Co-Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies’ Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley talks about the future of urban mobility

Politics Power Cities

Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogotá and one of the world’s most challenging urban thinkers, describes the urgent need for governments to create socially inclusive and well-designed transport systems

African Urbanism

Africa is the fastest urbanising region in the world, and has become the focus of increasing attention from architects and planners, academics, development agencies and urban think-tanks.

Changing Climate of Risk Colloquium

Anton Cartwright

Anton Cartwright, head of the Climate Change City Lab at the African Centre for Cities at UCT, speaking at the second “Melting Pot” colloquium at UCT in October 2012 titled “The Changing Climate of Risk: Four Perspectives on risk and climate change”.

Cities & Development

Cities and Development, a lecture delivered by Manuel Castells at the University of Cape Town in 2009

Crisis States

Part 1 of 4. Professor Jo Beall on some of the findings from the Cities and Fragile States research project which she has led for the last 10 years.

Pippin Anderson on Ecology in Cape Town

Pippin Anderson discusses the impact of rapid urbanization on the ecological systems in Cape Town. These was delivered as part of the Potter Talks lecture series.

Knowledge imperatives of Southern urbanisms

Edgar Pieterse

Lecture by Prof. Edgar Pieterse, University of Cape Town at the International workshop on ‘Changing socio-spatial configurations of inclusion and exclusion: planning and counter-planning in the African city’, 7-8 March 2012 Uppsala, Sweden

Participation and Governance in African Cities

Susan Parnell

Professor Sue Parnell speaks to Robtel Neajai Pailey on understanding participation, complexity and governance in African cities. This video is part of the Governance in Africa Conversations Series. Professor Parnell is a founding member of the African Centre for Cities, has served the ACC on secondment, and sits on its Executive Committee.