cultural heritage

Comparative Urban Research from Theory to Practice – Co-Production for Sustainability

Warren Smit, Rike Sitas, Sylvia Croese

Comparative Urban Research from Theory to Practice – Co-Production for Sustainability edited by David Simon, Henrietta Palmer, and  Jan Riise reflects on the research and experience of the Mistra Urban Futures (MUF) programme, which concluded at the end of 2019.  Reporting on the innovative, transdisciplinary research on sustainable urbanisation being undertaken by Mistra Urban Futures, the […]

ACC hosts cultural dialogue in Cape Town

Rike Sitas, Vaughn Sadie

It is increasingly being recognised that culture plays an important role in urban development. The well-being of cities relies on vibrant social and cultural lives of citizens. Surfacing the kinds of activities happening in neighbourhoods is vital to ensure the appropriate support and enabling environment are put in place. (more…)

NEW ARTICLE: Effecting cultural change from below? A comparison of Cape Town and Bandung’s pathways to urban cultural governance

Laura Nkula-Wenz and Zayd Minty examine how different cultural policy approaches have been locally mobilized and reworked in Bandung and Cape Town in response to situated realities and in partnerships between cultural, academic, business and local government actors, in this article for Cultural Trends. ABSTRACT This article compares the cultural governance pathways of two UNESCO […]

Whose Heritage Matters? Mapping, Making and Mobilising Heritage Values for Sustainable Livelihoods in Cape Town and Kisumu

Cape Town and Kisumu are two secondary African cities with high levels of poverty, unemployment and inequality. There is much interest in developing sustainable approaches to harnessing tangible and intangible heritage to address these challenges. However, cultural heritage is a value-laden concept, particularly in the context of colonial histories and urban futures. Whose heritage matters? […]