ACC researcher Rike Sitas co-authored Cultural heritage entanglements: festivals as integrative sites for sustainable urban development in the International Journal of Heritage Studies with Beth Perry and Laura Ager as part of her on-going work into cultural heritage.

Whilst the importance of cultural heritage in sustainable urban development has been increasingly recognised in policy frameworks at multiple levels, there remains a lack of understanding about how global and international goals land in different places. This paper specifically addresses this question through a study of 18 festivals across the Global North and South. We argue that festivals are integrative sites in which tangible and intangible heritage properties are entangled: bi-directional, co-dependent and non-linear. Given the critical role in linking urban contexts and histories with immaterial experience and meaning in the city, we argue that festivals can illuminate wider concerns. Specifically, this means seeing festivals as part of the ‘new heritage paradigm’ and assessing their contribution to processes of just urban transformations.


For more see her report Festivals as Integrative Sites Valuing Tangible and Intangible Heritage for Sustainable Development