A New Coalition for Urban Transitions to Help Cities Thrive

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Following the Better Growth, Better Cities project ahead of the Paris COP in 2015, African Centre for Cities will again partner with the New Climate Economy (NCE) team on the Coalition for Urban Transitions – an NCE Special Initiative in collaboration with the World Resources Institute Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. The coalition brings together over twenty leading global organizations and its work will be championed by a high-profile Urban Leadership Group expected to comprise some members of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate as well as other prominent individuals, who will act as ambassadors for its work. Together, these institutions and individuals span the globe. What they all share is a common purpose: unlocking a better urban future for all. 

Read Michael Bloomberg’s blog about the new coalition published in the Huffington Post here.

Better Growth, Better Cities: Rethinking and Redirecting Urbanisation in Africa

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