Integrated Participatory Upgrading

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Publication Date: 2014

The ACC hosted the third meeting of the Urban Violence, Safety and Governance CityLab on June 26, 2014. This meeting was dedicated to the theme of ‘Integrated, Participatory Upgrading – Knowledge, Policy and Practice.’

Jakub Galuska, Zandile Mahlasela and Stephanie Potgieter from the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading Programme (VPUU) as well as Johru Robyn from Stellenbosch Municipality reflect on some of their experiences with regards to settlement upgrading.

Also, listen Liza Cirolia, Johru Robyn and Jakub Galuska as they discuss their organisations, the upgrading projects that they are involved in and the space provided by the Urban Violence, Safety and Governance CityLab to collectively grapple with some of the issues which they face during the course of their work.

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