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INTERVIEW: Edgar Pieterse chats to John Maytham about the Integration Syndicate

Edgar Pieterse

Following the launch of The Integration Syndicate: Shifting Cape Town’s Socio-Spatial Debate on Friday, 6 September at the Open Book Festival, Edgar Pieterse (EP) was interviewed by John Maytham (JM), of CapeTalk about the publication and one of the provocations related to minibus taxis. You can read the transcript of the interview below or listen to […]

LAUNCH: The Integration Syndicate: Shifting Cape Town’s Socio-Spatial Debate

Edgar Pieterse

“It is a public secret that we have no practical idea how to undo and remake the legacy of the spatial inequality apartheid has bequeathed us,” says Professor Edgar Pieterse, director of the African Centre for Cities and NRF South African Research Chair in Urban Policy. “Our visions, and much more our concrete plans, are constrained by private […]


BOXES is a social-justice theatre project devised by award-winning theatre makers Neil Coppen and Ameera Conrad, Journalist Daneel Knoetze and performers Quanita Adams and Mark Elderkin. The project draws from a range of research-based, verbatim and documentary theatre methodologies to explore a myriad of perspectives and insights into urban land justice issues occurring across city […]

The Walk

Mercy Brown-Luthango

What can a banana tell us about socio-spatial transformation along the Voortrekker Road Corridor Integration Zone, in Cape Town? An anecdote in The Walk tells us that a single banana sold along the route can double in price depending on where you buy it. (more…)

Launch of ‘The Walk’

African Centre for Cities invites  you to the launch of a new publication entitled The Walk. This publication, which is based on a research study entitled The Prospects for Socio-Spatial Transformation in the Voortrekker Road Corridor by Mercy Brown-Luthango, was supported by the French Development Agency (AFD) and focuses on Maitland, Kensington and Factreton. The […]

Integration & Ideas Festival

The Integration Syndicate is a three-phase project that started off with a series of nine “episodes” over the course of 2017, which explored the obstacles and solutions to social-spatial integration in the Cape Town metropolitan region. From these episodes, in which a closed group of academics, activists, public and private sector actors participated, five provocations […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode4_Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 4

Edgar Pieterse

Building Blocks of Integration The fourth instalment of the Integration Syndicate was themed “Building blocks of Integration” and aimed at identifying the critical elements of a successful integration approach at the local level. The starting proposition was that city-­‐wide integration is inconceivable without a means to effect integrative processes at the neighbourhood level, especially in […]

Legacy of pain: Georgina Williams and her 22-year-old daughter Jade. Williams’s 11-year-old son Michael was one of three young people shot dead by police in the Trojan Horse incident in 1985. Picture: PIPPA GREEN

Integration Syndicate Episode 2: Building a new city for future generations

As much as Athlone was a crossover space enabling art, music and other creativity in the 60s and 70s, the 1980s brought a new narrative to bear: one of increasing protests against the apartheid state, and the concomitant violence with which they were met. One of the worst incidents was on October 15, 1985. Known […]