Integration Syndicate

Integration & Ideas Festival

The Integration Syndicate is a three-phase project that started off with a series of nine “episodes” over the course of 2017, which explored the obstacles and solutions to social-spatial integration in the Cape Town metropolitan region. From these episodes, in which a closed group of academics, activists, public and private sector actors participated, five provocations […]

In the press: More needed to achieve transformation

Edgar Pieterse

This article by Athina May, related to the work of the Integration Syndicate for Southern Suburbs Tatler, first appeared on 26 October 2017. The spatial layout of Cape Town has not changed much since 1994 and the exclusivity of the City Bowl has received much attention in the media when the Bromwell residents in Woodstock were […]

Open Book Festival_ Integration Complexities

Integration Complexities at Open Book Festival

Adi Kumar, Premesh Lalu and Edgar Pieterse report back on the Integration Syndicate – an aimed at finding solutions to challenges facing Cape Town. Chaired by Pippa Green. Date: 6 September Venue: Fugard Studio Time: 10:00 – 11:00 Price: R45 Full festival programme. Book tickets. NOTE: A limited number of free tickets for students are […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode4_Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 4

Edgar Pieterse

Building Blocks of Integration The fourth instalment of the Integration Syndicate was themed “Building blocks of Integration” and aimed at identifying the critical elements of a successful integration approach at the local level. The starting proposition was that city-­‐wide integration is inconceivable without a means to effect integrative processes at the neighbourhood level, especially in […]