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Open Book Festival_ Integration Complexities

Integration Complexities at Open Book Festival

Adi Kumar, Premesh Lalu and Edgar Pieterse report back on the Integration Syndicate – an aimed at finding solutions to challenges facing Cape Town. Chaired by Pippa Green. Date: 6 September Venue: Fugard Studio Time: 10:00 – 11:00 Price: R45 Full festival programme. Book tickets. NOTE: A limited number of free tickets for students are […]

Integration Syndicate_Episode4_Photo-by-Andy-Mkosi

Integration Syndicate: Episode 4

Edgar Pieterse

Building Blocks of Integration The fourth instalment of the Integration Syndicate was themed “Building blocks of Integration” and aimed at identifying the critical elements of a successful integration approach at the local level. The starting proposition was that city-­‐wide integration is inconceivable without a means to effect integrative processes at the neighbourhood level, especially in […]