Jane Battersby, Gareth Haysom, Vanessa Watson, Andrew Tucker, Kim Gurney, Caroline Skinner

The notion of public space will be in the spotlight at the V&A Silo District as engagement unfolds around a programme of talks, debate and performance, hosted at the Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary African Art (MOCAA) from 17 January to 17 February 2019. The month-long¬†#FREESPACE programme provides a platform to discuss and engage with the […]

Celebrating a bumper year of publishing

Throughout 2015, ACC researchers and associates have been involved in a wide range of activities including the release of the following publications: State/Society Synergy edited by Mercy Brown-Luthango; the African Cities Reader III, edited by Ntone Adjabe and Edgar Pieterse; Mean Streets: Migration, Xenophobia and Informality in SA by Jonathan Crush, Abel Chikanda¬†and Caroline Skinner; […]

The Cape Town Civil Society Conference

Henrik Ernstson

The Cape Town Civil Society Conference, to be held at UCT on June 6, 2015; invites civil society organisations from across the city to reflect and share their experiences in mobilizing and influencing the urban environment.