The POWER TALKS discussion series, curated and co-hosted by African Centre for Cities and the Goethe-Institut, considers the various practices of European cultural institutions that are active on the African continent. Working in post-apartheid or post-colonial contexts means, for these institutions, a need to situate themselves carefully as well as to be mindful of, and […]

The Integrated City: Local Cultural Policy and Sustainable Integrated Urban Development

This seminar at UCT’s African Centre for Cities looks to continue a set of dialogues around cultural governance and sustainable urban development in South Africa. It brings two processes together:  The Local Cultural Policy Agenda: South African cities are potential spaces for dynamic change as a result of being the nexus for flows of people and […]

Call for proposals: Supporting Intercultural Dialogue for Social Cohesion in Urban Africa

FIRST CALL FOR PROJECT PROPOSALS Culture at Work Africa – Promoting the Public Value of Culture for Social Cohesion and Urban Development in Africa is looking to support innovative on-the-ground projects aiming at developing safe and neutral spaces for intercultural dialogue and at promoting active citizenship and intercommunity relations. Projects will seek sustainable outputs and […]