CityLab Symposium

The African Centre for Cities’ CityLab programme facilitates the co-production of policy-relevant knowledge to reduce urban poverty through the engagement of researchers, government officials and civil society. Started in 2008, the CityLab programme created a platform for interaction between practitioners and researchers and has generated a wide range of different kinds of knowledge on Cape […]

Urban Health Research in Africa: Themes and Priority Research Questions

Warren Smit

In Africa, urbanization and urban growth are dramatically restructuring the nature of cities. The growing majority of urban dwellers now live in informal conditions that, without access to basic services or public amenities, expose residents to greater health risk, and health-care systems are unable to provide affordable or comprehensive cover. The differential exposure to these urban conditions is compounded […]

Integrated Participatory Upgrading

Mercy Brown-Luthango

The ACC hosted the third meeting of the Urban Violence, Safety and Governance CityLab on June 26, 2014. The meeting focussed on the theme, ‘Integrated, Participatory Upgrading – Knowledge, Policy and Practice.’