A new article about water governance in South Africa and the concept of resilience has been published by The Conversation. The article references the Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) programme as an example of engaging officials in Southern African cities to develop plans for resilience to climate change.

What does resilience mean – or what should it mean – in Cape Town’s urban water sector?

‘African cities are often sites of rapid or unplanned growth, with poorly coordinated or spotty development. This has important implications for resilience planning in the face of floods and droughts. It requires addressing both formal and informal forms of urban development.

The Western Cape faces additional challenges. The projected impacts of climate change include increasing mean annual temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns and decreasing winter rainfall in the western parts of the region. More intense storms are also expected. This will likely lead to flooding, which already poses serious concerns in the region.’

Read the full article by Lucy Rodina and Leila Harris here.