What does a ‘smart’ African city look like?

Anton Cartwright

Anton Cartwright, Joanne Yawitch, Damane Hlalele, Jak Koseff and Christina Culwick recently participated in a panel discussion discussing some of the key themes covered in the “Better Growth, Better Cities: Rethinking and Redirecting Urbanisation in Africa” report…

African Urban Infrastructure Symposium

Ian Palmer, Stephen Berrisford

Urban Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa – Harnessing Land Values, Housing and Transport  Symposium on research findings – Cape Town, 20 & 21 July 2015 Powerpoint slide presentations from the ACC’s end-of-project symposium on urban infrastructure finance. The research was supported by the UK Department for International Development (DfID), July 2014 – July 2015.     […]

Imperatives for a holistic urban agenda

Reorienting a development agenda to accommodate the new African realities and its urban future is not as simple as it seems says Dr Sue Parnell in this presentation given at the UNHabitat “Take Off” Conference in Nairobi, December 2013