On 30 October a workshop on the role of local governments in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) took place at the National Institute of Statistics in Luanda, Angola. The workshop was part of the research project Co-producing urban knowledge in Angola and Mozambique through community-led data collection: towards meeting SDG 11. Over 40 people attended the event, amongst them representatives from the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Economy and Planning, Land Use Planning and Housing, as well as the National Assembly, international organisations, civil society, academia, as well as local government representatives, community members and university students who participated in the research in Luanda.

Speakers included: senior resident economist of UNDP, Ms. Glenda Gallardo, who spoke on national contributions to the achievement of the SDGs; Mr. Pedro Laice from the National Association of Mozambican Municipalities, who spoke on the work that this association has been doing in supporting local governments in localising the SDGs; Mr. Nelson Cândido from the Angolan National Institute of Statistics who presented the results of the Institute’s baseline study on SDG 11 indicators; Mr. Allan Cain, Director of Development Workshop Angola who spoke on the monitoring of the New Urban Agenda and SDG 11 through co-production with a focus on land and housing; and Dr. Sylvia Croese from the African Centre for Cities who presented a selection of the results from the research project in Luanda.