Call for T7 Policy Brief Abstracts to Promote Global Action During G7 Japan 2023

Think7 (T7), the Group of 7’s (G7) official think tank engagement group, is seeking policy brief abstracts from experts worldwide – including both G7 and non-G7 countries – to promote research-based solutions to unfolding global challenges during Japan’s 2023 G7 presidency and beyond.

T7 Japan task force co-chairs will select 16 high-quality abstracts and work with authors to develop them into policy briefs for consideration by the G7 and partners, under the T7 Japan theme Addressing Global Crises, Reigniting Sustainable Development. The process is being led by T7 Japan host, the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI).

Click the T7 Japan task force links below to view policy brief abstract topics of interest:

Abstract Submission Procedure

Authors should submit their policy brief abstracts of up to 300 words in English via this link no later than 9 January 2023. Submissions should include:

  • Title of T7 policy brief abstract
  • Related T7 task force
  • Abstract, including the global policy challenge perceived as critically important by the author(s), the proposed action to be taken by G7 countries, and the economic, social, and/or environmental relevance worldwide
  • Author details

All authors are encouraged to join the virtual T7 Japan Inception Conference on 12 December 2022 to learn more about the T7 Japan process, G7 Japan 2023, and related issues.

Authors of selected abstracts will be notified by 30 January 2023 and considered T7 Japan task force members.

Arrangements for Selected Abstracts

T7 Japan will publish 16 policy briefs but may select more than 16 abstracts. Authors of selected abstracts could be encouraged to work with other authors to draft joint policy briefs. In all cases, they must submit their draft by 28 February 2023. Draft policy briefs will go through an internal peer review process. The deadline for final T7 policy briefs is 31 March 2023.

Each of the four task forces will publish 4 policy briefs on the T7 Japan website. They will be spotlighted during the 2023 T7 Summit in Tokyo and online on 27-28 April, as well as during T7 Japan-related events and joint T7 Japan-Think20 (T20) India 2023 events. Authors and other interested members of the public are encouraged to join the T7 Summit and other open T7 and T7-T20 events, including as possible presenters and panel participants.

The final T7 Japan policy briefs will also inform the T7 Japan communiqué, to be presented to the G7 Japan presidency ahead of the G7 leaders’ summit in Hiroshima on 19-21 May.

Submission-Related Inquiries

Questions about T7 Japan abstracts and related issues should be directed to sends e-mail) with the email subject “Policy Brief Abstract Submission”.