During 2014/15, with support from DfID, the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town carried out a study to explore the extent to which cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are harnessing urban land values to finance city infrastructure.

The year-long research programme generated several reports, twelve of which are available here. Click on the Report titles below; a new page will open with the Report.

Main report:

1.1     Final Report on Land-Based Financing for Urban Infrastructure in sub-Saharan African Cities

Supplementary reports:

1.2     Guideline for Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa on Applying Land-Based Financing for Urban Infrastructure Finance

1.4     Literature Review on Land-Based Finance for Urban Infrastructure

1.5     Project Summary Findings

1.6     Sub-Saharan Africa Property Development Overview with Implications for Land-Based Financing

1.7     Report on Ethiopia Case Study

1.8     Report on Nairobi Case Study

1.9     Report on Harare Case Study

1.10   Report on African land and Infrastructure City Scan

2.0    Planning and Land Use Regulation Literature Review

3.0    Housing Literature Review

4.0    Public Transport Literature Review