Urban Ecology

ACC NOTRUC Seminar Series: Thinking Emancipatory Change through In-depth Urban Case Studies

Henrik Ernstson, Suraya Scheba

Cities are highly unequal places where histories of oppression is etched into the very machinery that makes them tick. This includes policies and regulations around who can trade and where, the use of police or anti-eviction forces as an integral part of urban planning, and how large-scale infrastructure projects can re-shape wider ecological dynamics to […]

The Cape Town Civil Society Conference, 6 June 2015

Henrik Ernstson

The Cape Town Civil Society Conference invites Cape Town’s civil society organisations to reflect on and share their experiences in mobilizing and influencing the urban environment, from struggles around housing and service delivery, to the protection of habitat and biodiversity.

POSTPONED!! Speculative Design Ecologies: exploring relations between humans, non-humans, and artificial systems

THIS EVENT IS POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Speakers: Dr. Martín Ávila (Design for Sustainable Development at Konstfack Art and Design Institute in Stockholm) and Dr. Henrik Ernstson (African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town & KTH Environmental Humanities, Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm).    Based in the emergent […]

Rethinking Urban Ecosystem Services

Henrik Ernstson

Henrik Ernstson recently delivered a talk at Portland State University titled Rethinking Urban Ecosystem Services: Theorizing the Ecology and Politics of Urbanization from Stockholm to Cape Town”.

Announcing the Urban Political Ecology in African Cities Workshop

SUPE’s 5 day Urban Political Ecology in African Cities Workshop aims to discuss critical approaches to urban environmental research. The workshop is aimed to support new ideas, research collaborations and grant applications and provide an opportunity for discussion and in-depth engagement around these issues.

Urban Political Ecology in African Cities Workshop

Henrik Ernstson

The Situated Urban Political Ecologies Platform will host a workshop to discuss critical approaches to urban environmental research at the University of Pretoria on 26 March 2015. The workshop is targeted at young scholars interested in urban environmental research. More information here  

Urban Transitions: On urban resilience and human-dominated ecosystems

Henrik Ernstson

Urbanization is a global multidimensional process paired with increasing uncertainty due to climate change, migration of people, and changes in the capacity to sustain ecosystem services. This article lays a foundation for discussing transitions in urban governance, which enable cities to navigate change, build capacity to withstand shocks, and use experimentation and innovation in face […]

Pippin Anderson on Ecology in Cape Town

Pippin Anderson discusses the impact of rapid urbanization on the ecological systems in Cape Town. These was delivered as part of the Potter Talks lecture series.