Smart City

What is a smart African city like?

Anton Cartwright

“Prosperous low-carbon African cities are not just a good idea but a humanitarian prerogative, and in terms of climate change it’s globally significant and necessary if we’re all going to survive,” says ACC’s Anton Cartwright.

African Urban Fantasies

Vanessa Watson

In this paper, Professor Vanessa Watson argues that Sub-Saharan Africa’s larger cities are currently being revisioned in the image of cities such as Dubai, Shanghai and Singapore, which claim top positions in the world-class city leagues. Draped in the rhetoric of “smart cities” and “eco-cities”, these plans promise to modernize African cities and turn them […]

Cityscapes #3: Smart city?

Issue 3 of Cityscapes Magazine launched in March 2013. Featuring interviews with Lagos governor Babatunde Fashola and novelist Imraan Coovadia, the bumper 140-page third issues has as its thematic focus the “smart city”. This fuzzily defined term speaks to the increasing use of networked information and communications technologies in ordering of large-scale urban phenomenon. The […]