Ray Pahl Fellowship

Ray Pahl Fellowship in Urban Studies, 2016

Applications are now open for the 2016 Ray Pahl Research Fellowship. The Fellowship is open to post-doctoral scholars with research interests in African cities. We are particularly looking for African scholars residing in and working on the continent who wish to further their research for a 12 month period as part of the ACC.

In the skin of the city: the street and its doubles

In this presentation, Anthropologist António Tomás (ACC’s the 2014 Ray Pahl Fellow) will undertake to provide a layered description of the city of Luanda by engaging with a number of ethnographic vignettes based on his wanderings through the city. “Such a methodology has two sources” says Tomás. “First, I draw on the modernist figure of the flâneur […]

Ray Pahl Fellowship in Urban Studies, 2015

Ray Pahl Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship is open to any scholar of recent postdoctoral standing who is a citizen of an African country (excluding the Republic of South Africa) and who would find the ACC a congenial work environment for intellectual reflection, scholarly engagement and debate, and writing