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Non-Motorised Transport Capabilities and Needs in Sub-Saharan African Cities

Join ACC’s researcher Sean Cooke for an open discussion on non-motorised transport capabilities and needs in Sub-saharan African cities. The two-hour session will start with a presentation by Bianca Ryseck on the capabilities approach and its applications to mobility followed by an open discussion to further understanding NMT needs of vulnerable groups through their capabilities. […]

INTERVIEW: Edgar Pieterse chats to John Maytham about the Integration Syndicate

Edgar Pieterse

Following the launch of The Integration Syndicate: Shifting Cape Town’s Socio-Spatial Debate on Friday, 6 September at the Open Book Festival, Edgar Pieterse (EP) was interviewed by John Maytham (JM), of CapeTalk about the publication and one of the provocations related to minibus taxis. You can read the transcript of the interview below or listen to […]

In the press: Open Book: the gridlock ghoema

Now there’s talk of a traffic day zero in Cape Town. The day the city becomes completely gridlocked and we end up sleeping in our cars, taxis, and buses. It wouldn’t take much, Cape Town is apparently already the 48th most congested city in the world, according to the TomTom traffic index. And with only three […]

ACC Brown Bag: Taken for a Ride by Matteo Rizzo

Join ACC on Tuesday, 17 April at 13:00 in Studio 3 in the Environmental and Geographical Sciences Building on Upper Campus for the second talk in a series of Brown-bag seminars. Matteo Rizzo will be discussing themes emerging from his latest book Taken for a Ride: Grounding Neoliberalism, Precarious Labour, and Public Transport in an African Metropolis.  How […]