Henrik Ernstson

One Table Two Elephants

Please join us for the screening of the film ONE TABLE TWO ELEPHANTS (84 minutes, work in progress) at the ACC International Urban Conference 2018 in Cape Town. WHEN: Friday 2 Feb 2018, 13:00-15:00, and Saturday 3 Feb 2018, 13:00-15:00 WHERE: Neville Alexander Lecture Theatre 1A, Upper Campus, UCT (venue lies between the New Lecture Theatre and Leslie Social Science building) […]

ACC PhD Seminar Series on Democratic Practices: Understanding Capitalism in Unequal Geographies

Annual PhD Seminar Series: Understanding Capitalism in Unequal Geographies

The third iteration of the annual PhD seminar series presented by ACC’s Notations on Theories of Radical Urban Change project (NOTRUC), lead by Henrik Ernstson and Edgar Pieterse, on Democratic Practices focuses on “Understanding Capitalis in Unequal Geographies”. The seminar series is based on reading political philosophy with and against southern urbanism. It seeks to […]

PhD Seminar Series: Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies

Henrik Ernstson

ACC’s NOTRUC project presents the annual PhD Seminar Series on Democratic Practices Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies The ACC Winter School on Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies is about reading political philosophy with and against Southern urbanism. Rather than a geographical container, we are interested in the global South as an epistemological position and a field of […]

The Cape Town Civil Society Conference, 6 June 2015

Henrik Ernstson

The Cape Town Civil Society Conference invites Cape Town’s civil society organisations to reflect on and share their experiences in mobilizing and influencing the urban environment, from struggles around housing and service delivery, to the protection of habitat and biodiversity.

POSTPONED!! Speculative Design Ecologies: exploring relations between humans, non-humans, and artificial systems

THIS EVENT IS POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Speakers: Dr. Martín Ávila (Design for Sustainable Development at Konstfack Art and Design Institute in Stockholm) and Dr. Henrik Ernstson (African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town & KTH Environmental Humanities, Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm).    Based in the emergent […]

Train in Muizenberg.

Radical Incrementalism & Theories/Practices of Emancipatory Change

This workshop examines ideas of radical incrementalism across our towns and cities. It seeks to explore theories and practices that can support emancipatory change across urban regions through the power of urban dwellers to challenge poverty, oppression and unjust environments.

Rethinking Urban Ecosystem Services

Henrik Ernstson

Henrik Ernstson recently delivered a talk at Portland State University titled Rethinking Urban Ecosystem Services: Theorizing the Ecology and Politics of Urbanization from Stockholm to Cape Town”.

Weaving Protective Stories

Henrik Ernstson

With rapid worldwide urbanization it is urgent that we understand processes leading to the protection of urban green areas and ecosystems. This is illustrated in the Stockholm National Urban Park.