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Imagining Impacts – The Goethe-Institut in Africa

Vaughn Sadie

While the value of cultural relations, and arts, culture and heritage practices are widely agreed upon, research into what this means in sub-Saharan Africa is limited. In a context where important questions about decolonisation and colonial legacies are being discussed, it seems timeous to collaborate on such a study to unpack these issues. (more…)

New report synthesises learnings from SA-EU Dialogue on cultural planning

Rike Sitas, Vaughn Sadie

Funded by the SA-EU Dialogue Facility under the EU-SA Strategic Partnership, the purpose of this exchange was to provide a platform for dialogue between SA and EU partners about the role of cultural mapping, planning and impact assessment in promoting sustainable and just cities. We find ourselves in an unprecedented moment where global policy imperatives […]

SACSC2020: Culture, Heritage, Justice and Belonging

City making is a cultural act and senses of belonging are fundamentally shaped by the ways in which cities are built, mapped, experienced, understood and felt. The role of arts, culture and heritage in urban life has been recognised as important and this double panel as part of the 2020 South African Cities Studies Conference […]

Cultural policy and just cities in Africa

Rike Sitas

ABSTRACT In the vastly unequal contexts typical in African cities and amidst the poly crisis of rapid urban development, it is vital to understand how cultural heritage intersects with urban planning, design and development. Although integrating cultural heritage into the urban agenda is crucial to developing sustainable cities, the ways in which culture is being […]

ACC hosts cultural dialogue in Cape Town

Rike Sitas, Vaughn Sadie

It is increasingly being recognised that culture plays an important role in urban development. The well-being of cities relies on vibrant social and cultural lives of citizens. Surfacing the kinds of activities happening in neighbourhoods is vital to ensure the appropriate support and enabling environment are put in place. (more…)

NEW ARTICLE: Effecting cultural change from below? A comparison of Cape Town and Bandung’s pathways to urban cultural governance

Laura Nkula-Wenz and Zayd Minty examine how different cultural policy approaches have been locally mobilized and reworked in Bandung and Cape Town in response to situated realities and in partnerships between cultural, academic, business and local government actors, in this article for Cultural Trends. ABSTRACT This article compares the cultural governance pathways of two UNESCO […]

Whose Heritage Matters? Mapping, Making and Mobilising Heritage Values for Sustainable Livelihoods in Cape Town and Kisumu

Cape Town and Kisumu are two secondary African cities with high levels of poverty, unemployment and inequality. There is much interest in developing sustainable approaches to harnessing tangible and intangible heritage to address these challenges. However, cultural heritage is a value-laden concept, particularly in the context of colonial histories and urban futures. Whose heritage matters? […]

Urban Humanities: Conversations on cultural mapping and planning

“Cultural planning sits at the intersection of people, places and policies— It provides a framework for addressing the needs and objectives of a city’s cultural sector and cultural life including arts, culture and heritage groups and practitioners that shape a city’s cultural ecosystem.”   Dr Rike Sitas will facilitate a discussion between three panelists that will look at […]

In the press: Edging forward: The cultural governance research agenda for South African cities

A city’s greatest resource, and its reason for being, are its people. Since the industrial revolution, cities began to be seen as “machines for living in” and people were subjugated to technocracy and infrastructure. But as we have seen with recent challenges that come with climate change and conflict, our resilience as people’s tied strongly […]

Worlding Cape Town by design: Encounters with creative cityness

Laura Nkula-Wenz

ABSTRACT Considering the ongoing global proliferation of the urban ‘creativity fix’ and its inclination to further push local governments towards entrepreneurial governance logics and market-led development imperatives, there is a sustained need to understand how the creative city paradigm is being grounded, renegotiated and put into practice in so-called ‘Southern’ cities. To analyse Cape Town’s […]

The Integrated City: Local Cultural Policy and Sustainable Integrated Urban Development

This seminar at UCT’s African Centre for Cities looks to continue a set of dialogues around cultural governance and sustainable urban development in South Africa. It brings two processes together:  The Local Cultural Policy Agenda: South African cities are potential spaces for dynamic change as a result of being the nexus for flows of people and […]

Urban Humanities Seminar Series: Inclusive Cultural Governance: Integrating artistic and cultural practices into national urban frameworks by Avril Joffe

Join African Centre for Cities for the second seminar the second seminar in our Urban Humanities series, Zayd Minty will be responding to Avril Joffe talking about Inclusive Cultural Governance: Integrating artistic and cultural practices into national urban frameworks  WHEN: 16 August 2018 TIME: 15:00 to 16:30 VENUE: Studio 3, Environmental and Geographical Science Building, Upper […]

Christiaan De Beukelaar

Friction in the Creative City: The Case of Bandung, Indonesia

Join the African Centre for Cities for a Brownbag session on 29 January 2018 from 12:45 to 14:00 by Christiaan De Beukelaer on “Friction in the Creative City: The Case of Bandung, Indonesia” hosted in Studio 5, Environmental and Geographical Science Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town. Since the foundation of the Bandung Creative […]