Creative Cities

Worlding Cape Town by design: Encounters with creative cityness

Laura Nkula-Wenz

ABSTRACT Considering the ongoing global proliferation of the urban ‘creativity fix’ and its inclination to further push local governments towards entrepreneurial governance logics and market-led development imperatives, there is a sustained need to understand how the creative city paradigm is being grounded, renegotiated and put into practice in so-called ‘Southern’ cities. To analyse Cape Town’s […]

Christiaan De Beukelaar

Friction in the Creative City: The Case of Bandung, Indonesia

Join the African Centre for Cities for a Brownbag session on 29 January 2018 from 12:45 to 14:00 by Christiaan De Beukelaer on “Friction in the Creative City: The Case of Bandung, Indonesia” hosted in Studio 5, Environmental and Geographical Science Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town. Since the foundation of the Bandung Creative […]

Call for Papers: Re-making creative cities in African contexts

A special issue of the International Journal of urban and Regional Research (IJURR) Symposium edited by Jenny F. Mbaye & Andy C. Pratt. As urbanisation has continued apace, African cities have become the crucibles of dynamics, evolving cultural as well as economic practices. In tandem the premise that despite the increasing importance of the creative economy […]

Cityscapes #1: A high wire act

The inaugural issue of Cityscapes, launched in September 2011 featured reporting on our home city, Cape Town’s creative city aspirations have shaped aspects of how the city has been developing. Janine Stephens wrestles with the question “What does a creative city in an unequal society like South Africa look like? Renowned philosopher and academic Professor […]