Report on E Dialogue 5: Governance and Participation

Programme Type: Public Discourse Programme: Public Seminars
Publication Date: 2010

This report provides a summary of discussions held during the eDialogue on Governance and Participation. The Dialogue ran for three weeks between 16th November and 8 December 2009 and attracted much interest, with a total of 202 postings from 28 countries1 and many more viewers. The responses extended the geographical boundaries of the exchange further through references to broader territories. The debate was marked by great conviviality and the obivous desire to share, learn and advance practices of participation amongst participants.

The debate’s objectives were to identify and unfold the fundamental elements of the participative city and participatory governance. The debate was also to evaluate the role of participatory governance in helping to forge inclusive and equitable urban development outcomes, in line with WUF 5’s overriding framework of The right to the City bridging the urban divide.

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