Mntungwa Gubevu

Role/Position: Research Assistant Email:

I am currently a research assistant at the African Centre for Cities, working on a project entitled “Enhancing Safety through Upgrading – Experiences from Cape Town” as part of the Urban Violence, Safety and Governance CityLab. The project is focussed on researching ways of enhancing safety in Cape Town through the upgrading of informal settlements, and my work has both administrative and research components.


I have an academic background in Political Science and International Relations, and have worked on a diverse range of research topics. From 1999 to 2006, I worked as an information analyst at the National Secretariat for Safety and Security on various projects pertaining to researching, monitoring and evaluating crime and policing matters.  Following this, I joined the Office of the Public Service Commission as an assistant director for Professional Ethics Research and Promotion, where my work included promoting professional ethics and anti-corruption instruments in the public service; monitoring and evaluating anti-corruption measures in the public service; researching professional ethics; maximising activities of the National Anti-Corruption Forum; and administrating the financial disclosure framework.


In 2007, I joined the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa as a researcher on pan-African Parliament, where my key responsibility was writing research briefs for members of Parliament on parliamentary affairs and international law matters.