Inner City Revitalisation: The Woodstock – Salt River Revitalisation Framework

Programme Type: Projects Programme: 1, 2, 2, 2, T, A, T, p, c, c, , a, , , 2, 2, , 0, h, 0, p, , 0, 1

When: Mar 3, 2010 (3pm)
Where: Seminar Room 1, ENGEO Building, Upper Campus. University of Cape Town, Cape Town

The historic local areas of Woodstock and Salt River are located approximately 3k from the Cape Town Central Business District, between the Devil’s Peak mountain and the sea. The areas were established more than 250 years ago and are well – located to metropolitan CapeTown via the national and main transportation routes namely the N1, N2, and the southern and northern suburb corridors. The context of the area is one of extreme diversity of living patterns and standards. The areas have a range of stakeholders including high and low-income residents, street people, business operators, land / property owners, tenants, visitors, shoppers, children and professionals. As does Cape Town citywide, Woodstock and Salt River exhibit urbanisation trends typified by degrees of poverty, unemployment, crime,vandalism, vagrancy, and a lack of vision for public investment and management.

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