Charting Directions for—and Challenges at Being Able to Undertake—Future Research on African Urban Sexualities

In the concluding article of the Urban Forum Special Issue African Urban Sexuality after Queer Visibility, ACC Deputy Director Andrew Tucker writes on Charting Directions for – and Challenges at Being Able to Undertake – Future Research on African Urban Sexualities.

The aim of this article is to summarise and draw out potential synergies across the contributions that preceded it to help chart potential future areas of research interest, and to acknowledge some of the persistent challenges that can hinder future research on the topic of African urban sexualities—and specifically non-heteronormative sexualities. As the second half of this article makes clear, it is vital that various challenges are acknowledged and hopefully addressed if the topic of African urban sexualities is to reach its fuller potential within the academy. First, however, I turn to the question of synergies and potential areas of future research interest.