Project Components


The first component of the project  is to collect, analyze and disseminate data on the selected urban centres including the largest cities in the country. The lack of up-to-date and well organized data on the largest and fastest growing urban centres of Ethiopia makes managing of urban growth challenging.


The second component is to utilize the process of collecting and analyzing data on the major growth nodes across the country to engage with urban practitioners and scholars in Ethiopia. This approach signifies an important shift in urban research, knowledge production and dissemination methods undertaken in the past, by relying on local skills, expertise and knowledge on Ethiopia cities.


The third component is to use the process of compiling the State of Ethiopia Cities Report to enhance existing networks at federal, regional and local level and thereby to build a platform for professional exchanges, information sharing and policy feedback on urban management on a national and regional basis.


Implementing Institutions


Academic Institutions

Ethiopia Civil Service University  –




Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Democratic Federal Republic of Ethiopia –

World Bank Mission to Ethiopia  –

Deutshe Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammernabeit (GIZ)  –

Cities Alliance –


Contact Person


Dr. Samson Kassahun, Academic Vice President

Ethiopian Civil Service University

P.O. Box 5648, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone: +251116463015 Fax: +251116463016 E-mail:

Photo Credit: Date Accessed: 18 April 2012