Neil R. Hassan

Neil R. Hassan

Junior Research Fellow



Neil R. Hassan is a Junior Research Fellow at the African Centre for Cities. His work in clinical and community-based HIV prevention, treatment, and care seeks to examine how health programming, targeted at those most at risk for HIV infections, influences the sexualisation of bodies, spaces and identities through participatory health practices.

His current research interests in the geographies of sexualities seek to examine how HIV stakeholders across scale (local community, municipal, provincial, national, and global) conceptualise and operationalise public health policy; and how HIV-related policy influences sustainable development among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM). With a particular focus on MSM in Cape Town, this work investigates how health policies are adopted, adapted, and implemented with the aim of framing health and wellbeing as city-governance imperatives in the global South.

Neil is currently completing his PhD in Psychology at Stellenbosch University. He completed his Masters in in Psychology at Stellenbosch in 2014.