Lauren Hermanus

Lauren Hermanus


I have ten years of experience in sustainable development research and practice. During my career, I have worked in the private and public sectors, academia, and with NGOs, focusing on sustainable energy innovation, urban resilience and green economic development.

I have an academic background in complexity and systems thinking (Master of Art in Philosophy) and development (Master of Philosophy in Development Policy and Practice), and have recently enrolled for a PhD at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

I founded a consultancy, Adapt, as a response to the need for alternatives to the rigidity of template-driven advisory services for sustainable development. It is a virtual space in which diverse, progressive researchers and development practitioners come together to collaborate for maximum collective impact. Informed by complex systems thinking, Adapt works internationally, drawing on a constantly expanding network of creative professionals with different expertise and experience in academia, government, NGOs and civil society, and the private sector.

My work and studies evidence my particular interest in decentralised development and collaborative, distributed solutions to complex problems.