Prof. Jo Beall

Recently Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Cape Town responsible for academic planning, internationalisation and external relations. Jo Beall was formerly Director of the Development Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her research expertise lies in urban development and local governance in low and middle income countries where she has worked extensively in East and Southern Africa and South and West Asia. Her most recent research has been on the role of cities in conflict situations and in fragile states.

  • Prof. Jo Beall

    Conflict and State Fragility

    Cities have long been connected with processes of bureaucratisation and state-building, as indeed they have long been linked to conflict and war. In bringing these two associations together we engaged with the historical sociology of Charles Tilly and research in the CAFS programme confirmed that the intersection of cities, states and violent conflict remains significant, […]

  • Prof. Jo Beall

    Crisis States

  • Prof. Jo Beall, Sean Fox

    Cities and Development

    Cities and Development brings into conversation debates from urban and development studies. It grapples with both the challenges and opportunities associated with rapid urban change and provides a critical assessment of current policy and planning responses to the contemporary urban challenge.